We all realise that we are different, have different habits, tastes and how we tend to get on with some people and not get on with others. But we rarely realise that the lack of diversity in our life, in our teams, groups of friends can have a bad effect on our success. Innovation happens from thinking the previously unthought of and finding solutions to problems that nobody has found before. But homogeneous group members tend to think alike and come up with the same solutions as the others. 

The Silicon Valley, in California has the highest GDP/person in the whole world. It also has the highest number of immigrant workers (71% of Tech workers in the Valley are immigrants) and the world’s most successful companies.  Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon only bring decisions based on hard evidence and numbers, and they brought the decision to spend millions on further increasing the diversity of their workforce, as they know that it makes them more innovative and more profitable. In a world where data and new technologies are open to everyone, where almost the whole world is on the internet and a girl in Pakistan can find the same information on the internet as the president of the United States, competition is fast and strong. Closed groups, closed minds, even if privileged can lose their leadership quickly.

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