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We believe good management is Art

Do you want to know about the Leading Transition, Systems Optimum the Inconvenient Truth about Change Management, New Leader, Emotional Capital, and how these models can boost up your leadership and your business?

The New Leader

You can become a leader from a colleague. This mostly positive event, however, is often the case that inadequate management of change, lack of empathy, or loss of balance between democratic, inclusive, and managerial-style leadership can fail even the most prepared of newly appointed leaders.

Have you ever had that 

  • the newly appointed team leader has changed after the appointment, showing signs of anxiety and lack of confidence?

  • your highly prepared new business manager having communication problems when he or she needs to work with old colleagues?

  • the newly hired director’s professional competences acquired in another industry melt due to a lack of social sensitivity?

We offer solutions to these issues through our senior management training and individual coaching.

System's Optimum

Does the optimum of a larger system coincide with the optimum of its subsystems?

Practice proves that almost never!

In order for the entire system to operate at its best efficiency, some of its subsystems must be operated differently from their optimum.

In your organization, does the system aim for an optimum or an optimum that refers to a subsystem of people when defining individual goals?


If you want to assess the current situation of your company, find opportunities to bring the system closer to the optimum, you must acquire the ability to identify the optimum of the system, determine the required operation of the subsystems, create an actionable action plan, be a frontrunner and quantify the results achieved within the possible range.

The challenge is no small! Are you brave enough to know reality and determined enough to make a difference? If so, success is guaranteed!

Work-Life Balance

… To have time for everything!

It is a fashionable topic, an obligatory element in job advertisements and interviews. But is it really feasible in reality? Or it just remains a nice promise because it grinds us into the “treadmill” of everyday life.

Maybe it means something different to everyone?

But then are there joint solutions?


Through a coaching-based approach for time management, everyone can get answers to the following questions: What does balance mean to you? What can you do to achieve balance? Is there a good pattern for balance? What changes can be made to achieve your balance? We help you get to know yourself so you can develop the best strategy.

Job Crafting

We are all different, we are all similar in many ways, but we certainly feel the same thing in one aspect:

we have liked and disliked types of tasks.

The biggest challenge for a manager is that he/she can motivate his/her employees to perform the disliked type of tasks to a high standard. However, there is a way we can improve our personal relationship with those tasks.

The Job crafting method can be used to reinterpret the individual tasks of the employees, working within a given group, in a way that is most customized to them and their performance. We can change the employees' workflow and the way they work with each other.

The result of job crafting can be the integration of individual developmental goals, the preparation of training plans- as such during the reinterpretation of the job-, training needs that may arise that is necessary to reorganize the work processes to make them better and more accepted!

Job crafting is an excellent performance-enhancing opportunity in the hands of leaders who understand it and are able to apply the method in an intellectual way. 

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