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The Art of Management

the human factor

We help you solve the challenges you have from those colleagues who are too valuable to be replaced.

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Change can be challenging;
I'm Márta Farkas, the founder and senior consultant of Cornelis Consulting, and I’m here to make your life easier in this transitioning world.

You can create a stable, motivated, and loyal team even if you are not working in the same office. 

Focusing on culturally diverse companies, we help create the right processes to achieve next-level productivity and efficiency.

There is only one reason for any success or failure — people.

HR Manager
Construction Industry

"My best controller left, I couldn't even make a counteroffer..."

Co-CEO / Architect office

"My partner and I went to university together, we were best friends. There was no question that we would create the company we dreamed of together. Now there are hardly any issues on which we agree." 

CEO / IT sector

"I don't know what to do with the lead developer. He is an experienced, good professional, but he pushes everyone away from him."

Why Cornelis Consulting?

We know that the end of every process is a human.

We understand that the whole is not just the sum of the parts.

We believe that to change the world, we must change first.

We help you make your vision a reality.

We don't just consult.

We solve.

5 Things You Need to Start a Small Busin


What we do



A vast change was triggered as tens of millions of people realized they could accomplish their work from anywhere with an internet connection. Companies that recognize this demand for flexibility and put international effort into infusing their organization with remote-first practices will thrive.

As the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, now is the moment to fortify your remote infrastructure and build a more inclusive, dynamic workplace. 

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